Discover the habits and behaviors of various birds, raptors and passerines, among others, seeking peacefulness and shelter between the cliffs of Arribas of Douro and the Mirandese Plateau, throughout the year. In seasons of migration and on nights when the moon is full, there will be the possibility of Moon-watching activities.

The tours are designed to allow you to take in the various aspects of natural and landscaped area into consideration, according to the seasonal habits of the birds. Tours can last 1 day of half day. learn more


Get involved through tracking rural trails used only by locals. Observe rural environments of rare beauty and enjoy the diversity of fauna and flora, as well as the man-made heritage sites, such as mills, forts and fountains, among others.

Along the way you can interact with the local rural population, to better understand their habits and traditions. You have 4 different tours to choose from, lasting one day or half day.


It’s a way to combine sport and nature contact. Explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region by bike. Enjoy pedaling through wonderful landscapes and discovering cultural aspects with one of our guides.

Bring your bike or rent one of ours. You can decide if you would like to go for a 1 day or half day bike ride, in a more radical or rustic environment, with the promise that, regardless of the choice, at the end of the day it will be worth it.

Adventure Touring (½ day)

Rural Touring (1 day)


Thinking of the less sportive, but non less enthusiastic people, this tour includes a ride through rural roads, taken in nature, historical monuments and architectural manifestations, through various landscaped scenarios favorable for those practicing photography.

The tours are taken on an all-terrain vehicle, lasting 1 day through four distinct tours.


Especially targeted for groups, companies and associations, etc.., we organize tailor made programs suitable for a flexible, working vision, complemented with leisure activities. Ideal for a relaxing time away from the hectic routines and stress of work-life.

Leisure activities include the activities of the Douro Pula Canhada, and may include activities of partners. We also develop customized programs from our pre-defined programs, contemplating all sorts of support and advice about agents, hotels and restaurants in the area. Accommodation and meals are customers’ responsibility. A minimum of 5 people are needed for this activity.


For more information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.